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Wie meer wil weten van deze teksten of die van eerdere hoofdstukken, of erop wil reageren, vindt dat in met verwijzing naar enkele Nederlandse inleidingen in de Dao De Jing en het daoïsme, naar vertalingen en literatuur, en over de context van bovenstaand ontwerp. Bij een vraag of opmerking s.v.p. het tekstgedeelte (en hoofdstuk) noemen waarop je reactie betrekking heeft.

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An introductory essay about the early history of divination in China includes evidence for hypotheses about progressive stages in the divination process that Professor Shaughnessy thought might be implied by the text of Zhouyi itself when he described it in his 1983 thesis. While there can be no doubt that repeated divinations were used with both tortoise-shells and yarrow wands, Professor Shaughnessy's discernment of clear references to them in the text of Zhouyi is not universally accepted – despite the tendency of some scholars to write as though the question had been settled. He himself still allows there is room for doubt. He gives no description of the Mawangdui tomb beyond saying it was the grave of Li Cang, Lord of Dai, who died in 168 . Apart from mentioning the Laozi manuscript, he does not discuss the other manuscripts and artefacts in the grave, the historical background or the significance of the finds as a whole (these things can be found in other places). He refers to the 20-year delay before the Yijing material was completely published and to the preoccupations of Chinese scholars who have written about it.

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from the Dao De Jing.

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