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Paper Cinema’s Odyssey is a beautifully lyrical and human piece of storytelling; it delves in and out of its subject with skill and ease and a solid understanding of the relationship between the various theatrical languages at play. This is the company at its best: creating work that is explorative, atmospheric and vivid, translating the essence of a classical poem into a potent theatrical experience.

Critical essays on the poetry of Tennyson.

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The problem with these Os that end in the same place as they begin is that they need to be exceptionally interesting to keep engaged with on their way back to the place the audience has already visited. And for the majority of Mark Bruce’s Odyssey they are, save for, say, the last 90° when the basic ideas of the production – the combination of rock and classical music, the rock-star fashions and the endless attractive-but-somehow-identikit women – start to feel too familiar.

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He, among countless others, harbors high regards for Odysseus, the mastermind of the Trojan War turned lost sailor. However, the epic poem is sprinkled with the actions of gods and goddesses pushing Odysseus towards his path home to Ithaka, giving the mortal war hero little exposure to the limelight. So when does all the high and mighty talk of Odysseus' power prove true? Only in the absence of godly intervention can the title character live up to h...

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Costume-wise the cast are all in 90s rock mode. At times, especially for the women, this slashed slip dress and eyeliner look works, although in the case of Odysseus’s leather waistcoat sails too close to the aged rock star who should have by now retired into tweeds look. Hopefully Penelope was able to put all that weaving to good use and make him some more suitable clothes on returning home. This aesthetic also suffuses the music, which combines original pieces by director Bruce with Sonic Youth, Mozart and others. Especially during the first half this conceit works well and presents a clear artistic vision. But once the general idea of combining genres often thought of as being distinct from one another has been accepted, the idea starts to wear marginally thin. Overall it would benefit from some quieter pieces as too many sound like potential conclusions. The Ave Maria by Bach in particular feels like overkill and a slightly clichéd choice.

The Odyssey essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Odyssey by Homer.

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Athena demonstrates that she is a critical component of development within the father Odysseus and his son Telemakhos as well as guiding Penelope as a beautiful mother waiting for the return of her husband....

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We're not the only ones who get a little giddy when we talk about the Odyssey. Generations of readers have created their own original works inspired by Homer's epic. Just a quick sampling, from the 1st century BCE to the 21st century CE: Virgil's epic poem the Aeneid; Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem ""; James Joyce's novel ; countless paintings (check out Henry Fuseli's ""); Cream's song ""; the Cohen Brothers' movie ?—and the list goes on.

The Odyssey study guide contains a biography of Homer, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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Restrictions were placed on the social and domestic actions of many aristocratic women in ancient Athens. The women depicted in Homer's Odyssey, on the other hand, are the ideal. Penelope, Clytaemestra, Athena, and Helen are all women with exceptional liberty and power. Before comparing the women of the Odyssey to those of Athens, it is beneficial to take a look into the lives of the latter. A respected woman was to have characteristics including obedience, virtue, refinement, productivity, honor, beauty, talent and intelligence (social consciousness). Sarah B....