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I do not have the spare time that would be requiredfor a thorough search and analysis of reported cases and statutes oncomputer crime, as well as newspaper accounts (most criminalproceedings are resolved without generating any judicial decisionthat is reported in legal databases or books),so my revisions are mostly generalizations.

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My last search for case law on computer crime was in July 1997.
21 June 1999, revised 4 Sep 2002

My essay,which essay includes to websiteson computer viruses, computer crime, and related topics, plusa list of good books on computer crime.

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News media hire journalists who understand economics and finance to report business news, and journalists who understand sports to report on sports, so why can't the news media hire journalists who understand computers to report on computer crime?

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Their analysis of the research through 2012 found that the tools “were moderate at best in terms of predictive validity,” Desmarais said in an interview. And she could not find any substantial set of studies conducted in the United States that examined whether risk scores were racially biased. “The data do not exist,” she said.

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Schmid (2004:3) describing how “The celebrity culture around serial killers has developed so far that one can now purchase the nail clippings and hair of some killers, as if they were religious icons.” But is the media to blame for glamorising crime or is crime just automatically exciting and captivating....

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If computers could accurately predict which defendants were likely to commit new crimes, the criminal justice system could be fairer and more selective about who is incarcerated and for how long. The trick, of course, is to make sure the computer gets it right. If it’s wrong in one direction, a dangerous criminal could go free. If it’s wrong in another direction, it could result in someone unfairly receiving a harsher sentence or waiting longer for parole than is appropriate.

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• � The BPA received a copy of the original crime scene photos, crime scene video, list of evidence items, crime scene diagram, and conducted analysis of the bloodstain patterns of the scene. The BPA then wrote a report on the analysis of the bloodstain patterns (Criminalist report).

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• � After the scene was processed, it was released to the apartment manager. Two days later, the Deputy District Attorney assigned to the case received copies of the crime scene photos, which were very limited and contained few images of the bloodstain patterns. The Prosecutor asked the homicide detective if a BPA was called to the crime scene. The detective said no. A District Attorney Investigator went to the apartment complex and discovered that the apartment remained locked and had not been cleaned. A BPA was called to the apartment to analyze the bloodstain patterns in the scene.

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• � A forensic technician processed the crime scene, creating the video (bloodstain pattern scene video) and took photos of the scene. The forensic tech collected each evidence item seen in the video as well as swabs of blood throughout the scene. A Bloodstain Pattern Analyst (BPA) was not called out initially.