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''The beauty of music is that it allows you to communicate with people all over the world without having necessarily to speak the language of the country you are visiting. Music has taken me to all corners of the planet and allows me to enjoy my work worldwide. My career as a performer has always transplanted to my studio teaching, trying to help the students to perform and extend their performing abilities nationally and internationally. UGA has wonderful activities to take part in, but performing at the Performing Arts Center is a rewarding experience with its wonderful acoustics and design. UGA is very fortunate to have this performance space...''

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Courses include surveys with general overviews of core issues in African, American, Asian, Latin American, Western, and World History as well as more specialized upper level courses which students tailor to their specific interests. Majors spend a significant amount of time observing and engaging teachers in partner schools, ultimately planning, teaching, and assessing actual students while choosing an area of teaching specialization in Economics, History, Geography, or Political Science.

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Careers are available as teachers in schools, museums, and historic sites; researchers in historical organizations, resource management, think tanks, and preservation; communication journalists, editors, and multimedia producers; information managers such as archivists and librarians; advocates in law, litigation, and legislative support; and contractors for corporations and nonprofit organizations. Advanced degrees in history, law, and public policy are also a consideration.

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Applications for the Counseling Psychology program will be reviewed beginning on March 15 for fall admissions and October 1 for spring admissions. Applications received by these dates will receive priority and will be processed before registration so new students can register on time for a better selection of classes. After the priority deadlines, applications will be reviewed when they are received and students will be admitted based on space available in the program.

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We send our students out into the real world through practicum. This is an incredible experience for our students and for the sites, as well. Our students apply theory and techniques they've learned in the real world at each site.

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Geographic isolation, difficulty accessing health care and fear of seeking services from health practitioners whose offices may employ personal acquaintances can be barriers to prevention services for women in rural areas.

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Students can specialize their learning to prepare for work in health care settings with children and families. Through electives and internships, students can prepare for graduate study in the field as well as a wide variety of careers supporting families and improving lives. The major helps students to understand and apply theory and research on human development to practice and policy.

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This should be no more than two pages in length, and in addition to the standard elements of a resume (e.g., educational and paid work experiences, etc.), please be sure you identify and clearly label all volunteer human service experience, including starting and ending dates.