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The Rationale section opens with an essay by Beth Reis, a public health educator from Seattle. Reis makes an unfounded extrapolation from adult data (Laumann, 1994), claiming that incidence of adult homosexuality was "at least about two and nine percent" [sic]. She then claims that those percentages automatically translate into identical percentages in high schools. In checking with my own copy of Laumann, I found the statistic was 2.8% for men and 1.4% for women (which included both homosexuals and bisexuals). Children were not even surveyed. Those who were exclusively homosexual (i.e. have never had sex with someone of the other gender) was even smaller—0.6% for men and 0.2% for women. However, a massive study of 36,741 adolescents in Minnesota conducted by Gary Remafedi (whose research Reis also quotes), found that the rate of homosexuality was 0.7% for boys and 0.2% for girls (Remafedi et al, April, 1992).

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Secondary schools will teach about contraception and sexually transmitted infections, The Times of London reported. The changes come after decades of campaigning by so-called sexual-health organizations.

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Recently, Vancouver Sun columnist Stan Persky admitted in an essay published in Xtra West, the newspaper of the gay community in Vancouver, that recruitment of heterosexual adolescents into homosexuality was a worthy goal, and one that should be pursued in public high schools. His argument is that since there is nothing inherently wrong or immoral about homosexuality, gays should not try to hide the fact that they have been recruiting heterosexuals all along:

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