Tell us something we don't know (or might not notice)!

This handout provides information on visual and textual devices for adding emphasis to your writing including textual formatting, punctuation, sentence structure, and the arrangement of words.

The essay should be around 3 pages,but at least two (2) full pages.

There are two primary ways to organize your compare and contrast paper.

Write a story about this event.

You are an angel – thank you so much for helping us to avoid hackneyed phrases!
Will you please advice what will be alternative sentences/phrases can be use instead these mentioned above?

That means,this essay is about you and the event you went through.

If you are asked to give your opinion, the your whole essay focuses on only that – nothing more. If you are asked to discuss both sides, you must do that. Just follow the instructions.

We encourage the educational use of the OWL. The  explains the specific permissions granted.

The Point leading up to the momentof realization

You paraphrase both the introduction and conclusion. But successful paraphrasing does not mean changing all words – just reformulate them.

Feelings, emotions, observations help fill out your paper.

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The results of the actual moment

Hi Liz I got 6,5 several times in writing my problem is that I need 7 to pass ,What is the magic recipe?
many thanks for your useful website.

Restate thesis - don't just cutand paste from intro!

The idea is not to learn sentences so I won’t give alternatives to memorise. Each sentence should be unique to the essay question and topic.
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This essay, more than any of theothers, gives you the chance to write about yourself.

Be sure to include transitionsto make the paper read smoothly.

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"First," "After," "Then," and "Next" arejust a few that move the reader along.

You want torecreate the event, not simply tell the story.

The reasons people don’t get 7 are mainly due to technique and it is very lengthy to explain. I can only suggest you buy one of my writing lessons from my online course to see exactly what you need to do. The lessons are long and detailed:
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Yes, this is about you, but your audience is still important.

Specific Moment and Thesis of Essay(i.e.

Nowadays, In toadays modernized era.
To commence with, To start, Firtly.
On the other hand, On the flip Side.
To conclude, In Conclusion .