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5. Electives: Majors must complete at least 28 units of electives. 15 of the 28 units must be COMPLIT courses. The remaining courses should form a coherent intellectual focus requiring approval from the Chair of Undergraduate Studies and may be drawn from Comparative Literature offerings, from other literature departments, or from other fields of interdisciplinary relevance. Up to 10 units of Thinking Matters or SLE courses may be counted towards the elective requirement. Electives are subject to adviser consultation and approval.

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4. Capstone Project: Senior year, the student enrolls in a 2-unit independent study DLCL 299 with a DLCL faculty member. The faculty member advising this project must sign off on this description. In order to have it approved as their capstone Comparative Literature and Computer Science project, the student must submit a description of the project to the Chair of Undergraduate Studies in Comparative Literature by May 15 of their junior year or no later than October 1 of their senior year.

Lewis as a Medievalist - Masako Takagi

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Comparative Literature majors with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.3 or above, and who maintain a 3.5 (GPA) in major courses, are eligible to participate in the DLCL's honors program. Prospective honors students must choose a senior thesis adviser from among their home department's regular faculty, in their junior year, preferably by , but no later than . During Spring Quarter of the junior year, a student interested in the honors program should consult with the Chair of Undergraduate Studies of their home department to submit a thesis proposal (2-5 pages), DLCL Honors application and an outline of planned course work for their senior year.

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Honors papers vary considerably in length as a function of their topic, historical scope, and methodology. They may make use of previous work developed in seminars and courses, but display an enhanced comparative or theoretical scope. Quality rather than quantity is the key criterion. Honors theses range from 40-90 pages not including bibliography and notes. Please consult the DLCL Honors Handbook for more details on declaring and completing the honors thesis.

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Competition for entrance into the program is extremely keen. The program is kept small so that students have as much opportunity as possible to work closely with faculty throughout the period of study. Applicants should review all course and examination requirements, advancement requirements, and teaching obligations carefully before applying to the program. Because of the special nature of comparative literary studies, the statement of purpose included in the application for admission must contain the following information:

Shaw - Lili Arkin - Michael Love - Lorelei Feldman - William Ames - Patrick Thrasher - Damian T.

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The Department of Comparative Literature encourages time abroad, both for increased proficiency in language and the opportunity for advanced course work. Course work done at campuses other than Stanford is counted toward the major at the discretion of the Chair of Undergraduate Studies and is contingent upon the Office of the University Registrar's approval of transfer credit. To that end, students abroad are advised to save syllabi, notes, papers, and correspondence.

"Crueel Tigre": Animal Imagery and Metaphor in "The Knight's Tale" - Jennifer LaBurre [.pdf]

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At least two of the courses counted toward requirements 1, 2, 7, 8, and 9 must be taught by Comparative Literature faculty. Transfer units may not normally be used to satisfy requirements 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9. Units devoted to acquiring language proficiency are not counted toward the 65-unit requirement.