Now the best field-glass cannot compare with the telescope. Anyone who has tried to count the points on the antlers of a stag will know this. I had a great deal of difficulty in convincing some of our officers who were used to field-glasses, of this fact, but there was near by the place at which I was quartered in early days the carved figure of a knight in armour standing on the top of a chateau. This knight had very large spurs, and I would ask student officers to try and count the rowels with their field-glasses. They never could do so. I would then hand them one of my beautiful Ross glasses, and there always came the invariable question, " Where can I get a glass like this ? "

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Colonel Stuart said nothing, so I went on :

- what would happen if they manage to take down some of those root servers on a certain -religiously and/or conspiracy theory- predicted day? think of the possible psychological impact that it would have on those groups...O_O

[*] Afterwards Lieut.-Col. John Buchan, Director of Information.

The only ladies who visited us were Mrs. Humphry Ward and her daughter. It was terrible weather when they came and the little path which led up to the range, and which was really more or less the bed of a stream, had become a glacier of ice several feet in thickness. On the range the wind was blowing exceedingly cold, and few worse days could have been picked for a visit.

Had it been left to us, "Gas" would have taken no part in the Great European War.

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I appreciate these attempts.
Curiosity is the very basic system of nature, the driving force behind evolution.
Hopefully the tests will bear fruits and the system will improve.
Hint: Monopoles are the beginning of the end.

I.—Finding your mark. II.—Defining your mark. III.—Hitting your mark.

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"Well," said Colonel Stuart at length, "we will talk to people about it and see what they say."

[*] Afterwards Major-General Sir A. Hull, K.C.B.

Now all that remained to do was to place the lower glass of the periscope opposite the front hole in the head, and apply the eye to the rear hole and look into the periscope, the upper glass of which was above the parapet.

Sir Charles Monro, in talking over the matter, made a remark which I have always remembered.

The body of Harold was eventually recovered...

I don't know if it's been mentioned yet but....I think if this is true then it's just staging. I'm sure most people aren't going to be OK with a foreign entity being in charge of the Internet as is being suggested by potus. The usual problem reaction solution trick the government does. So create a problem garner reaction offer a solution.

These are not the exact words which Sir Charles used, but they are as near them as I can remember.

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The revolt is quickly stopped by the local militia, but many innocent slaves are hanged and life made even more miserable for slaves by harsh new actions to prevent future revolts.