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Together we can make a better future for our children.

Everyone’s children are the future of the world. Not everyone’s children are their own future. Not only are my children the future of the world, they are my future to live longer, be healthier, and improve my life to I can do the best I can to provide everything they need to be successful in their lives.

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1 through 30 Essay on Children's Day for Children and Students Children's Day Essay 1 (100 words) Children's Day is celebrated in India every year with great enthusiasm on 14 th of November.

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I believe children are our future. Many times I feel our role models such as parents, teachers, and others that hold influence on children take this issue for granted. Growing up in a two parent household I truly know the significance of how important it is to have parents show you right from wrong. I’m not saying that just because I was brought up with two parents and was blessed to be able to obtain the knowledge they taught me in becoming a positive young adult that I’m better than anyone else. I just hate to see in today’s society the negative impacts, such as our role models not stepping up and taking full responsibility for our children. In today’s society children are faced to deal with issues that can and should be altered at young ages in their lives. However, I have friends that grew up in single parent homes and see things the same as I do.

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In conclusion, as we are traveling through the twenty-first century, we are approaching new technology, scientific research, and current and future world events, but the most important thing to keep in perspective are the children of today’s society.

Children are our future, but there is no future for children who overuse technology.

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Education is one of the things that are starting to fall into place for me. I struggled with school, especially the attendance part. I had a very good job but lost it due to downsizing. Now with very little education, my quality of a job and salary is limited. I know I need a good education to be competitive in today’s work force. Everything is getting more expensive for a single person these days, but with everything that we need to do for our children, it is going to come to us double the cost. A good job with a good salary is a must in order for us to obtain our goals and dreams that we have for our children. Going back to school has been much easier for many different reasons, but having 2 huge inspirations at home is a great motivator to get my bachelor’s degree.

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Children are our future because we as role models have to understand that we are not garneted to hold the positions we do today forever. We all will grow old at some point and time and will have to hand over our duties to someone else. That someone else will need to have respect, appropriate socialization, education, and a sense of urgency in order to make society better than what it is today. I believe children are our future in a way that at times its hard to explain. What I mean by this statement is that the major issue society seem to overlook is ignoring the steps and strategies to raise a child. I don’t understand how some people really don’t take pride in raising a child to grow older and one day accomplish something that’s going to be great! I believe too often that many parents, teachers, family don’t see this big picture on how important it is to raise a child. I also understand that children will have to want to help themselves before any other person in authority will help them. The goal to success is having a want to help attitude. I just don’t see many role models grasp this issue.

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I believe my children are my future. Everyone should believe that children are our future, as they are. Getting specific though, my children are my future. My life is falling into place more than any other time.