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Many slave-owning women where the bane of enslaved people’s existence, and many were particularly cruel to black women they suspected or knew their husbands found sexually attractive. No argument there.

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What implications does this have for the children of free black men and enslaved black women

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But Fox-Genovese was so invested in her class analysis that she quotes some instances of plantation wives siding with enslaved women when the white women had no power to resist except sympathy and quiet, subversive solidarity.
It’s not good enough for Fox-Genovese that one mistress is forced by her husband to slap a servant that she clearly cares about, and the two women embrace each other in tears as soon as the master leaves the room. That recorded incident makes me wonder about other forms of collusion between black and white women that went unrecorded. I know that some white women taught balck people to read when that was against the law.

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However these actions came at a high price, and for many, the cost proved to be fatal.

In this essay I will attempt to discuss the punishments inflicted upon slave women.

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