Technology and Computer Science

He was for some years curator of the Troy Lyceum of Natural History, member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and of the Massachusetts Genealogical Society, a subject in which he took great interest.

Culinary Arts and Hotel Administration

Engineering and Design Technology

A total of 12 questions are administered in this test.

You cannot "pass" or "fail" the placement tests, but it is very important that you do your very best on these tests so that you will have an accurate measure of your academic skills.

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In twelfth grade, students go beyond the AP theory curriculum in Advanced Problems in Music Theory & Technology. Here, students delve into augmented sixth and Neapolitan chords, fugal composition techniques, and analysis of twentiethcentury music. Twelfth graders complete the program with Senior Music and Media Seminar, where they present a lecturerecital or build a musical instrument!

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A., paid assistants and student volunteers aboard the Colorado.

Students in the Academy for Visual and Performing Arts - Music (AVPA-M) have an outstanding ability in music and are the strongest musicians in their communities. Students in this program study an academic, honors-level college preparatory curriculum with a focus in music

Named it in honor of their steamer, the Hassler.

Ninth graders begin the program by enhancing their keyboard / piano skills in Digital Keyboarding. They also take Musicianship. In this exciting methods course, students learn woodwind, brass, string and percussion instruments. Conducting is also an important part of the course, as is rhythm dictation and score reading/interpretation. The course ends with a special project in the music technology field.

Vernon, OH; Muncie, IN; Akron, OH; Middletown, OH.

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He was one of the founders of American Ornithologists Union, the Washington Academy of Sciences, the American Society of Mammalogists and the National Geographic Society.

There are 20 questions of two primary types on the Reading Comprehension test.

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We may hope before long to see his descriptions of the genera and species, on which he has been engaged for several years, and which, like the tortoise itself, though slow in coming, will doubtless prove of solid worth and durable quality." Chelonia mydas agassizii Bocourt, 1868

There are 20 questions of two primary types on the Sentence Skills test.

If I succeed in teaching you to observe, my aim will be attained."

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