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We can use , which is thecore element of social cognitive theory (Bandura, 2004), and strategies (Karoly & Kanfer, 1982) tomaintain their control on behavior changes. These strategies can beapplied to Extension programs and maximize the effectiveness ofchanging individuals' behaviors and long-term weight loss.

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Health Behavior Change Project- (50 points) Students will pick a behavior they would like to change during the first two months of the semester. Process will take place through worksheets, assessments and a final report. Report will be 4-5 typed pages that must include your signed behavior contract and a tracking log of your progress. Paper Format- submit all projects/papers TYPED, DOUBLE-SPACED, 12 point, blank ink font on white paper.

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When an approach is not working, instead of trying harder,we should try another way. Some examples include verbal redirecting, proximitycontrol, reinforcing incompatible behaviors, changing the academic tasks andproviding additional cues or prompts. These approaches are more effective,simpler to use, and create a more positive classroom climate than tryingharder. If two of our students, Danny and Sara, are talking in class, insteadof reprimanding them, we could walk in their direction (use proximity control),make eye contact, and provide a nonverbal cue to get on task. This approachallows Danny and Sara to save face with their peers and promotes teacherrespect.

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At the beginning of the course, students choose a health behavior that they would like to adopt, quit, or improve in 8 weeks. You completed the “Health Behavior Change Contract” in the text and submit it to the instructor during the second week of class. Over the course of the term, you must keep a weekly journal about your progress towards changing this behavior and can use charts, pictures, etc. to keep track of your progress. Students have to pick up one health behavior which are offered in the textbook, apply for your health related behaviors during the semester .This can be as simple as describing the theory in relation to your particular behavior change you are describing in the behavior change project. Ultimately, you must write a 5-page paper describing your behavior change process. Please note that the 5 pages required for the paper refers to your paper content; as such, your reference page and title page do not count toward the 5 pages. The paper must be in any academic writing formats (e.g., APA or MLA etc.), and should be organized as described below: 75 points total.

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His parents develop a behavior contract that says he can earn a prepaid phone once he earns enough money to purchase the phone along with minutes for one month.

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Feel free to print off a free behavior contract and/or a free behavior chart by simply clicking on the associated thumbnail. You can also visit the page on our sister site for even more free printable parenting tools.

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Can't dos occur because of lack of skills not lack ofmotivation or reinforcement. We should deal with can't do misbehaviors the sameway that we deal with student's academic mistakes. When students make repeatederrors during our lessons, we make changes in how we teach (e.g., provide moreexamples, allow students to practice more), and provide more intensiveinstruction. Our improved lessons make us more proactive teachers, decreasingthe likelihood of chronic, academic errors being repeated. This preventativeapproach is referred to as (Colvin, , & Patching, 1993). In contrast, when studentschronically misbehave, we are more inclined to remain reactive, provide onlycorrection procedures (simply tell them that they are misbehaving), andincrease the intensity of our negative consequences. We would be more effectivein solving chronic misbehaviors if we moved into the mode.