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An autobiography essay is focused on the writer’s life from the point of view of the writer

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September 2012
Math Autobiography

In this paper I will be writing about both my good and bad experiences with math. I will talk about how I feel about math and what I expect from myself this year.

Math I feel has always been one of my best subjects. I feel like with math I catch on pretty quickly but there are times where I needed the teacher to go over the lesson again. I think my math skills have also approved a lot in middle school.

I have had both good and bad experiences in math. In seventh grade I had a little trouble in math. I couldn't understand some of the material I was being taught and although I never failed, it wasn't the best experience. Another bad experience with math is when I began working with negative numbers. It took me a while to remember the rules of adding/subtracting negative numbers.

A good experience I had with math was when I was in eighth grade. Math became my favorite subject and my teacher taught us easy ways to figure certain problems which helped when it was time for the regents. I also had a high average of 98.

What I now expect from myself is continue to improve my knowledge in math and keep my average up.

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In this small essay I will be going over why I wold consider myself good at math, my good and bad experiences with math and what I will try to accomplish this year in math. Over all this is a math autobiography.

I do say I am good at math because I don't use shortcuts until I fully understand a concept. Also I enjoy being challenged in math it is fun to me. last would be because I can apply math to my every day life and make use of it. I probably get a love of math from my mom because she was always good a it and helped me learn when I was young but not so much now.

My strength in math would have to be in riddles and applying math to my life to better understand a concept because making connections is easy for me and has always helped me learn. My weakness in math is I can be slow to understand how to do something but once I understand it I will never have another problem with it ever.

this year I hope to learn more about math and simply get smarter. also stay in the high 80% or above for my grades.

An autobiographical essay is something that is generally expected of students when they apply to colleges or other institutes for further studies.

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McPherson says of Angelou’s autobiographies, “order out of chaos,” a struggle to relate her personal experience to the general condition of African Americans, so that the individual’s chaotic life is given order through the awareness of being related to the communal experience (Balance 1).

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His narrative is extremely informal, not only in the first part, which was seemingly addressed to his son, however in the later sections the autobiography was controlled upon four separate occasions....

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I've always been good at math. It's been one of my easy A subjects for years. Math isn't one of my favorite subjects, but I don't mind doing it and appreciate it when it's necessary.

I quickly grasp math concepts, and strategies. When I don't, I get extremely frustrated, and EVERYONE will know it. That is usually a rare occurance though, so hopefully we won't have any of that this year. Eventually, I do end up understanding the concept.

I'm an awesome helper when it comes to math. I make up funny anecdotes to help people remember things which usually helps. I love to help when I'm done with my work, and I love to have a math opponent -- if that makes any sense. Someone on my math level that I can debate with and see who finishes first with.

I move fairly quickly in math. I'm not afraid to ask questions or make complete certainty of whether or not I understand things. I appreciate math, and what it helps us to do. My biggest advice to those who don't feel as confident with math as I do , is to not be afraid to ask. You'll never get anywhere if you don't clarify, because math messes up on tiny mistakes.

Thank you.

Taylor S.

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In the autobiography of an Ex-colored man, James Weldon Johnson uses double consciousness to show the narrators stance as a person that gives up his birthright for the “privilege of whiteness”....