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I will then examine theethical issues surrounding the teaching of language to apes.What is language? First, what is language, and how does it differ from other forms ofcommunication?

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I will return to these properties later in the essay

If language use gives beings rights and freedoms, we should ask the apes'permission before experimenting on them--of course, it is difficult to see asituation in which an ape would understand the experiment before it wasundertaken.

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I wonder what their trainers will dowhen Kanzi and Koko themselves start demanding more rights--we certainly cannotlet a bonobo or a gorilla walk around town on its own in today's society.The best interests of the apes There is an interesting paradox in ape language research: the moresuccessful the findings are, the better the case for not doing the research atall.

Apes, Men, and Language.

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In the othercamp are the researchers who treat their apes more like experimental subjects;these people tend to focus on the failures of their subjects, and thedifferences between ape and human language.

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In her review of Aping Language, Patricia Greenfieldargues that Wallman exaggerated differences between ape and human language,used human language as a standard to measure ape language by, ignored publishedresults that did not agree with his thesis, and used unscientific evidence todiscuss accomplishments by apes (Greenfield 1994: 940-942).

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In the one camp are the researchers who treat their apesmore like children; these people tend to focus on the accomplishments of theirsubjects, and the similarities between ape and human language.

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Simon believes that the use of computer models, human subjects, and fieldstudies are more appropriate than ape language research (Simon 1983: 108).Basic rights for all great apes If apes can use language, in some sense, then what is the significanceof this?

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Following La Mettrie’s suggestion that a gifted teacher of the deaf could succeed with chimpanzees, a 1925 scientific article suggested sign language as an alternative. But serious efforts to teach non-vocal communication to apes only began in the 1960s. Researchers attempted to teach individual signs derived from American Sign Language (ASL) to Washoe, a chimpanzee; Koko, a gorilla; and Chantek, an orangutan. Sarah, a chimpanzee, learned to manipulate arbitrary plastic symbols standing for words, and another chimpanzee, named Lana, used an early computer keyboard, with arbitrary symbols the researchers called lexigrams.

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Herbert Terrace and othersbelieve that the accomplishments of apes who are taught language are less thanwhat is reported because the apes' utterances are cued by humans.