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Rhythm - often thought of as a poem’s timing. Rhythm is the juxtaposition of stressed and unstressed beats in a poem, and is often used to give the reader a lens through which to move through the work. (See and )

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Here are the high-scoring essays for our assignment two. Per announcement in class, these uploads are not following the format as faithfully. I just wanted to get you the info without having to worry about getting everything lined up to MLA standards. Note also that I am providing these examples for the sophistication of the explication, the students' knowledge of technical aspects and detail of analysis; the essays, however, may still contain other weaknesses.

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The intention of this specific text is to persuade the reader to help end poverty today by joining ‘Make Poverty History’ and it uses persuasive language and techniques to do this – this essay will explain the effect on the reader and will focus on analysing persuasive language.

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Writing about media interface presentations and their relation to larger cultural trends is tricky. Different elements are constantly added, changed or removed, new services are frequently developed and released to public use, and new technologies capture the imaginations of many. Within this flux, what can we say about social photography in particular and contemporary image productions in general, that is not confined to the characteristics of one platform or another? Can we identify overarching processes that cross platforms and are destined to change the way we interact with images?

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Bruce Graham is a playwright whose plays include, and. was the winner of the Rosenthal Prize and opened onLondon's West End starring Ben Cross. His one man show was recently revived for a thirdrun. Two new plays, (Arden Theatre) and (Theatre Exile) opened in January '07. Feature filmcredits include and and hiscredits continue with the T.V. movies, (2003Humanitas Award Winner - Best Children's Teleplay), and . He has also written for the television programs and . He is also the author (with co-writer Michele Volansky) of, which was recently published byHeinemann. Graham has received grants from the Pew Foundation, theRockefeller Foundation and was a recipient of the Princess GraceFoundation Statuette Award. He currently teaches playwriting and filmcourses at the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University. Grahamlives in Media, Pennsylvania, with Stephanie and their daughter,Kendall.

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Carl Haber is a screenwriter, director and producer with numerouscredits in film, theater and TV. He has written stories and screenplaysfor Hollywood movies and independent films, as well as original motionpictures and TV movies in Italy, the Czech Republic, and Brazil. Hefounded and led a workshop in Rome for professional actors, and taughtdirecting, production and acting at the Prague Film School in the CzechRepublic, where he supervised nearly 1,000 student scripts and films andserved as faculty chair. A member of the Writers’ Guild of America since1988, a Philadelphia native, and a Penn alumnus, Carl Haber is currentlydeveloping several new feature films based on scripts he wrote, inEurope and the US, including projects to shoot in Philadelphia.

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Cary’s essays have appeared in publications including , and . She lectures nationwide and hasreceived five honorary doctorates. She also serves as president of theUnion Benevolent Society. Lorene Cary is married to the Rev. Robert C. Smith; they live inPhiladelphia and have two daughters, Laura and Zoë. to Lorene Cary's September 23, 1998 reading at the KellyWriters House (mp3 audio).Email:

Sebastian Castillo is a writer and teacher who lives in Philadelphia, PA. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela, grew up in New York, and moved to Philadelphia to complete his MFA in Fiction at Temple University. He is the author of (2017), published by Bottlecap Press. His work has also appeared in , , , , and elsewhere. His writing and teaching is concerned with genre hybridity, experimental models of prose, and Latin American literature in translation.