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To care about something is generally to find it worthwhile or valuablein some way; caring about one’s friend is no exception. Acentral difference among the various accounts of mutual caring is theway in which these accounts understand the kind of evaluation implicittherein. Most accounts understand that evaluation to be a matter ofappraisal: we care about our friends at least in part because of thegood qualities of their characters that we discover them to have(Annas 1977; Sherman 1987; Whiting 1991); this is in line with theunderstanding of love as philia or eros given in thefirst paragraph of Section 1 above. Other accounts, however,understand caring as in part a matter of bestowing value on yourbeloved: in caring about a friend, we thereby project a kind ofintrinsic value onto him; this is in line with the understanding oflove as agape given above.

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Of course, Aristotle (and Annas) would reject this reading: friends donot merely have such similarities antecedent to their friendship as anecessary condition of friendship. Rather, friends can influence andshape each other’s evaluative outlook, so that the sharing of asense of value is reinforced through the dynamics of theirrelationship. One way to make sense of this is through theAristotelian idea that friends function as a kind of mirror of eachother: insofar as friendship rests on similarity of character, andinsofar as I can have only imperfect direct knowledge about my owncharacter, I can best come to know myself—both the strengths andweaknesses of my character—by knowing a friend who reflects myqualities of character. Minor differences between friends, as when myfriend on occasion makes a choice I would not have made, can lead meto reflect on whether this difference reveals a flaw in my owncharacter that might need to be fixed, thereby reinforcing thesimilarity of my and my friend’s evaluative outlooks. On thisreading of the mirroring view, my friend plays an entirely passiverole: just by being himself, he enables me to come to understand myown character better (cf. Badhwar 2003).[]

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Their point is that the secrets view underestimates the kind of trustat issue in friendship, conceiving of it largely as a matter ofdiscretion. Given the way friendship essentially involves each caringabout the other’s good for the other’s sake and so actingon behalf of the other’s good, entering into and sustaining arelationship of friendship will normally involve considerabletrust in your friend’s goodwill towards you generally, and notjust concerning your secrets. Moreover, friendship will normallyinvolve trust in your friend’s judgment concerning what is inyour best interests, for when your friend sees you harming yourself,she ought, other things being equal, to intervene, and through thefriendship you can come to rely on her to do so. (See also Alfano,2016, who emphasizes not just trust but trustworthiness to makesimilar points.)

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Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people