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(Borthwick 2007, 61) Essentially, colonialism is defined as “control by one country over another area and its people.” (Unknown 2013) During this time, territorial expansion was a primary goal of England, France, United States of America and the Empire of Japan.

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39Northwest Ordinance, Section 12, Article 5. For a description of the evolution of territorialincorporation, the classic study is Max Farrand, Legislation of Congress for the Governmentof the Organized Territories of the United States, 1789–1895 (Buffalo, NY: William S. Hein,2000; reprint of 1896 edition). A more recent study is James E. Kerr, The Insular Cases:The Role of the Judiciary in American Expansionism (Kennikat, NY: Kennikat Press, 1982):3–13. For a succinct overview, see Christina Duffy Burnett and Burke Marshall, “Betweenthe Foreign and the Domestic: The Doctrine of Territorial Incorporation, Invented andReinvented,” in Christina Duffy Burnett and Burke Marshall, eds., Foreign in a DomesticSense: Puerto Rico, American Expansion, and the Constitution (Durham, NC: DukeUniversity Press, 2001): 1–36. For a recent interpretation, see Burnett, “Untied States:American Expansion and Territorial Deannexation,” University of Chicago Law Review 72,no. 3 (Summer 2005): 797–879.

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Over the last thirty years, scholars such as Patty Limerick, Richard White, Donald Worster, and William Cronon agree that Turner's thesis is an inadequate paradigm for understanding the complexities and significance of the west, or even understanding its boundaries. Rather, they have focused increasingly upon the region as central to national identity and history beyond territorial expansion. The "New Western" historians have redefined the idea of a "frontier," describing it as a zone of interaction or a meeting place instead of a dividing line between "civilization" and "wilderness," as Turner implied. Their research describes a region of study unto itself with a complicated history that challenges the simple idea of progress by emphasizing interaction and conquest. Additional studies have stressed the role of ethnic groups, multicultural interaction, and resource competition in defining and developing the American West.

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