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Since sexuality is the domain in which we get most close to the intimacy of another human being, totally exposing ourselves to him or her, sexual enjoyment is real for Lacan: something traumatic in its breath-taking intensity, something impossible in the sense that we cannot ever make sense of it. This is why a sexual relation, in order to function, has to be screened through some fantasy. Recall the love encounter between Sarah Miles and her illicit lover, the English officer, in David Lean’s : the depiction of the sexual act in the midst of the forest, with waterfall sounds supposed to render their subdued passion, cannot but strike us today as a ridiculous bric-a-brac of cliches. However, the role of the pathetic sound accompaniment is profoundly ambiguous: by way of emphasizing the ecstasy of the sexual act, these sounds in a way derealize the act and deliver us of the oppressive weight of its massive presence. A small mental experiment is sufficient to make this point clear: let us imagine that, in the middle of such a pathetic rendering of the sexual act, the music would all of a sudden be cut out, and all that remained would be quick, snappy gestures, their painful silence interrupted by occasional rattle and groan, compelling us to confront the inert presence of the sexual act. In short, the paradox of the scene from is that the waterfall sound itself functions as the fantasmatic screen obfuscating the Real of the sexual act.

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The exemplary case is divinity: is what we call “God” not the big Other personified, addressing us as a larger-than-life person, a subject beyond all subjects? In a similar way, we talk about History asking something of us, of our Cause calling us to make the necessary sacrifice. What we get here is an uncanny subject who is not simply another human being, but the Third, the subject who stands above the interaction of real human individuals – and the terrifying enigma is, of course, what does this impenetrable subject want from us (theology refers to this dimension as that of ). For Lacan, we do not have to evoke God to get a taste of this abyssal dimension; it is present in every human being.

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The temptation to be resisted here is the ethical domestication of the neighbor – for example, what Emmanuel Levinas did with his notion of the neighbor as the abyssal point from which the call of ethical responsibility emanates. What Levinas obfuscates is the monstrosity of the neighbor, monstrosity on account of which Lacan applies to the neighbor the term Thing (), used by Freud to designate the ultimate object of our desires in its unbearable intensity and impenetrability. One should hear in this term all the connotations of horror fiction: the neighbor is the (Evil) Thing which potentially lurks beneath every homely human face. Just think about Stephen King’s , in which the father, a modest failed writer, gradually turns into a killing beast who, with an evil grin, goes on to slaughter his entire family. No wonder, then, that Judaism is also the religion of divine Law which regulates relations between people: this Law is strictly correlative to the emergence of the neighbor as the inhuman Thing. That is to say, the ultimate function of the Law is not to enable us not to forget the neighbor, to retain our proximity to the neighbor, but, on the contrary, to keep the neighbor at a proper distance, to serve as a kind of protective wall against the monstrosity of the neighbor. As Rainer Maria Rilke put it in his :

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It is precisely this paradoxical status of fantasy which brings us to the ultimate point of the irreconcilable difference between psychoanalysis and feminism, that of rape (and the masochistic fantasies sustaining it). For standard feminism, at least, it is an a priori axiom that rape is a violence imposed from without: even if a woman fantasizes about being raped or brutally mistreated, this is either a male fantasy about women or a woman does it insofar as she “internalized” the patriarchal libidinal economy and endorsed her victimization – the underlying idea being that the moment we recognize this fact of daydreaming about rape, we open the door to the male-chauvinist platitudes about how, in being raped, women only get what they secretly wanted, and about how their shock and fear only express the fact that they were not honest enough to acknowledge this. So the moment one mentions that a woman may fantasize about being raped, one hears cries: ‘This is like saying that Jews fantasize about being gassed in the camps or African-Americans fantasize about being lynched!’ From this perspective, the split hysterical position of the woman (complaining about being sexually misused and exploited while simultaneously desiring it and provoking man to seduce her) is secondary, while, for Freud, this split is primary, constitutive of subjectivity.

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Their lungs have synthetic alveoli that convert the carbon dioxide in the air into oxygen. Despite the fact that there is no oxygen in the atmosphere, the alien’s lungs have developed an adaptation that enables them to obtain carbon dioxide in the air and break it down to oxygen molecules, which are then transported all over the alien’s body. Venus receives acid rain; these aliens are able to drink the acid rain just like water, but when it gets to the stomach, it is converted into water through a chemical-reaction by the chemicals it contains in its stomach. The alien also has a heart that pumps blood to all parts of the body using the oxygen that is produced in the lungs. Not much oxygen is required since the alien is only two feet tall. In Venus, adult aliens are between 1-2 feet tall. This height is an adaptation to the environment because it enables them to withstand the high air pressure.