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Students and teachers may want to consider the following essays as a supporting activity when students watch The Day After Tomorrow. Teachers may find them helpful if the film will be shown in the classroom setting.
Students might consider doing one or more essays for extra science credit. Be sure to check with your instructor first.

1. Present arguments for and against a present state of Global Warming.
You can find many links to informative articles on this page: .

2. Presenting only documented scientific facts, research the effects that Global Warming will have on our planet. Include not only climate changes but also the effects that a rise in temperature will have on ice, sea levels, drought and weather patterns in general.
Some of the links that appear in the References and Credits section at the bottom of this document will assist you in your research.

3. CO2 Sequestration has been proposed as a possible natural intervention in the continued atmospheric accumulation of this greenhouse gas. It has also been proposed that humans might be able to sequester CO2 at depths within Earth's crust.

Research CO2 Sequestration, focusing on the following:

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In The Day After Tomorrow several Super Cell Storms present immediate threats to mankind. Bringing freezing, sub-zero temperatures across massive continents, all life in the path of these cyclones will perish immediately. The very formation of these super cells is one of the movie's most significant departures from scientific fact.

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You can begin your research by exploring the following web pages:
- Scroll down and open the interactive animation.
Here is the above MSNBC interactive link alone:
Geotimes - March 2003 -

by John Arthur Harrison, Ph.D., Visionlearning

4. In the movie The Day After Tomorrow, the effects of Global Warming are exaggerated and fictionalized for dramatic purposes.

First, explore some of the fictional aspects of the film pointing out specific scientific errors, exaggerations and impossibilities presented to the viewing public.
Second, state whether anything in the movie was actually factual.
Third, considering the overabundance of fictionalized data in the movie, in your opinion do you see a positive effect the film might have on the attitudes of the viewing public?
Explain your answer.

You may find some ideas towards the bottom of this web page:

5. "Global Warming can ultimately lead to a state of Global Cooling." Explain how this could occur.

Supplementing what you have read in this document, you may want to consult the following web sites as you begin to explore this concept:

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