Tiger was my childhood hero, a true warrior.

The former number one contender to the lightweight crown of the world is one of the many Easterners whose education was cut short due to the civil war of 1967-70.

In 1962, Dick Tiger won the world middle weight boxing championship.


Tiger inspired lots of Nigerians to go into boxing.

This despite displaying the kind of terrorizing power forward frame that Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson would pay untold millions to lay on Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz this week.

Letting Children be Children: the Problem of Child Soldiersin Africa

Only 10 months ago, referee Mills Lane -- an ex-Marine unable to stomach the sight of a grown man refusing to fight -- disqualifed Akinwande in the fifth round for repeatedly clutching WBC champion Lewis.

I would never have recognized Tiger in theflesh.

Inspired by the late Dick Tiger and Hogan Kid Bassey, Obisia won many laurels in the amateur ranks which included gold medals at the 1973 All-African Games and the 1974 Commonwealth Games in New Zealand.

He was the darkest man I had ever seen.

He started boxing at Makpara Approach School, a reform institution for children of Igbo men captured and adopted by the federal government forces during the civil war.

I stared atthe knotty, heavily muscled body.

You should help tell the public that Obisia Nwankpa is alive, hale and hearty." Obisia, who speaks Yoruba very fluently, would not strike you as an average Igbo man, despite hailing from Isialamogwa Local Government Area of Abia State.

The euphemistic ''problem'' waswell understood.

The old Obisia Nwankpa was boxing champion who won many laurels and championships within and outside Nigeria, high point being a shot at the world lightweight title then held by Seoul Mamby.

Bassey was the second African to become a world boxing champion.

Akinwande gets huge chance to shake image as gentle giant(USA Today)NEW YORK -- If size really did matter, wow, can you imagine the swath of menace Henry Akinwande would rip through the heart of the heavyweight division, much less Evander Holyfield, Godzilla or a rush-hour Manhattan taxi snarl?

Is your child on track to graduate college- and career- ready?

It's not peculiar to me." Now a boxing coach, the father of three boys and four girls says he would allow any of his kids, male or female, to take to boxing.

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The bout was a charade." Asked what happened to the banned substance caught with Mamby in the seventh round, Obisia got visibly furious: "I don't like talking about that fight because it was day light robbery.