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Learn about the Karamojong people and their culture—with a special video cooking lesson! You'll get to sample the Karamojong language and music, plus you'll hear the Adventures in Odyssey actors learning to speak Swahili. You'll also hear Adventures in Odyssey director Dave Arnold discuss how challenging this episode was to create.

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Dig deeper into God's Word by starting (or ending) your day with daily devotions based on Odyssey episodes. Share them as a family or teach your child to spend time alone with God.

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Each month you'll get access to a brand new, exclusive Adventures in Odyssey episode. Join the characters you love as they travel around the world or spend the day in Odyssey. Each audio episode will come with a special video documentary and a set of activities, called Web Quests. These activities will take you behind the scenes of Adventures in Odyssey, provide crafts, teach you about new places and cultures, and much more.

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Invest in building your child's faith with the Adventures in Odyssey Club. Besides the amazing benefits of being a club member; like exclusive content and Web Quest activities, enjoy fun, meaningful daily devotions based on well-loved episodes. Your kids will learn how to deepen their relationship with Jesus and live it out to others.

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The treasure hunt continues into level three as our characters travel to the jungle and admire nature and animals. Students learn how to swim, climb, and explore the mountains, rivers and jungles of Senegal. They learn parts of the body, describing which of the adventurers injured what during their trip to Costa Rica. Read African folktales, discuss ecology and cook native foods from the recipes in this book.