Now, what have I gotten back?

There are various paradoxical elements in Camus’s approach tophilosophy. In his book-length essay, The Myth of Sisyphus,Camus presents a philosophy that contests philosophy itself. Thisessay belongs squarely in the philosophical tradition ofexistentialism but Camus denied being an existentialist. Both TheMyth of Sisyphus and his other philosophical work, TheRebel, are systematically skeptical of conclusions about themeaning of life, yet both works assert objectively valid answers tokey questions about how to live. Though Camus seemed modest whendescribing his intellectual ambitions, he was confident enough as aphilosopher to articulate not only his own philosophy but also acritique of religion and a fundamental critique of modernity. Whilerejecting the very idea of a philosophical system, Camus constructedhis own original edifice of ideas around the key terms of absurdityand rebellion, aiming to resolve the life-or-death issues thatmotivated him.

A really ******* good friendship.

Merely expecting gratitude does not make you unaltruistic.

I believe that what we do, we do because we want to.

In this evident disproportion between the trouble and the reward, the will to live appears to us from this point of view, if taken objectively, as a fool, or subjectively, as a delusion, seized by which everything living works wit the utmost exertion of its strength for something that is of no value.

Pure altruism and pure autonomy don't mix.

as for that passage I'd say that either the writer wrote about the atrocities and then was like "hm...that was pretty bad, but if we say god did it we'll be ok" or it just never happened.

Everything we do is selfish, because it is our selves that dictate what is good.

Maybe, somewhere in the future...

They expect verbal inventiveness, dialogue that "reveals character" and "provides exposition." By all of these things have audiences traditionally been wooed into believing that the fiction they are witnessing is real." THR331 * : class project -- finals *

But the ultimate aim of it all, what is it?

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Hard to explain quickly, but I think you get the picture.

It's an expectation that goes all the way back to Aristotle, who demanded that the hero of tragedy be, among other things, "life-like." People going to the theater expect elaborate scenery designed to evoke an illusion of reality.

Let's not go too far into detail right now, but try not to speak in such absolute terms.

We can learn and un-learn some of these hormonal mechanisms.

The always brings fun and interesting critters to life. I know of them mainly from the fantastic , but I always look forward to seeing their work.

I still try to get the best I can, but I deserve it, I could have had a lot more if I chose to.

There is no valid argument you can come up with.

Now it sounds a lot colder than it is, because (most) humans naturally feel good for helping others which is a great thing, but it doesn't change the fact that ultimately you do everything do you for yourself.

I gave so much to and went through so much for someone, it was indescribably unbearable.

They aren't a 'I know this so I win' card.

"Oh atheists are arrogant for claiming that no higher power exists" "Oh deists are not arrogant for claiming that a higher power does exist because...