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I am simply interested in this paper in the moral arguments about abortionwithout regard to whether they might also support some particular Scripturalinterpretations or not. This paper will deal, not with unsubstantiatedand unargued, non-reasoned claims for ethical principles based on authority,but with evidence that is given either for abortions in certain cases oragainst them in others, evidence that is meant to be logical and also compassionateand understanding. Such a method is not infallible, but the mistakes itengenders are at least correctable by use of the method itself. Logic isalways open to other logical rebuttal; and compassion is always open tocompassion that encompasses more correct understanding. The nature of arational, intelligent, compassionate ethical discussion gives the hopethat if error of either sort is made, it can be discovered and correctedby further thought, understanding of experience, and discussion. Presentpolitical and judicial rhetoric and decisions do not give me that hope.I am also not given that hope by some seemingly entrenched, unreflective,and irrationally dogmatic religious views or by some of the equally unreflectiveand irrationally dogmatic supposedly "liberal" or "modern" views. Neitherthe total "pro-life" nor the total "pro-choice" side seems to me to havea monopoly on the right or even on being reasonable on this issue. In thispaper I also wish to point out the lack of merit, and sometimes even thetotal lack of relevance, of some of the more politically popular or well-publicizedarguments on both sides of the abortion issue. I think there are betterand more relevant considerations that can shed more light on the subject.

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In this essay I will examine both sides of the abortion issue.

In this essay I will examine both sides of the ..

Take the case of brutal rape-induced pregnancy, for example. Surelyno one would want their child to be raised by a person with a brutal rapistmentality, taught in school by someone with such a mentality, to be friendswith such a person, nor to be married to such a person. We would do everythingwe could to prevent such exposures to our children. But if genetic make-uphas much to do with such a mentality, if we allow our child to be born,we are quite possibly dooming someone who is in part like us to be always influenced by someone who has the very kind of character we would neverwant our child exposed to, because it would be a permanent, inherent partof them. Even if a sensitive woman would not have to rear, or even gestate,such a child, does she not have some very strong right to want to terminatethe fetal life at a very early stage in order to prevent the kind of qualityof life she envisions for a child that is genetically (and in certain ways,emotionally) half hers? I do not know. I am not certain enough is knownabout how we develop into the kinds of human beings we become, and/or howwe develop our views on the value of the quality of our own life to knowhow reasonable such an argument might be. Again, however, the argumentof the friend of mine -- that the (prospective) baby is innocent, and shouldnot be terminated because of his father's crime -- is irrelevant, becausethe pregnant woman who would give the above kind of argument also seesthe child as innocent and therefore undeserving of being made to live akind of life that would be horrible. I doubt any rape-induced woman evenentertains the idea of aborting the child in order to punish the rapistfor his crime. Tay-Sachs disease or Downs syndrome is perhaps a more obviousor more arguable kind of case. The compassionate prospective parent isnot arguing that the baby should be aborted because it is somehow guiltyof something, or would be hard to rear, but because the child is innocentand does not deserve to be made to live the kind of life and die the kindof early death that such defects cause. Compassion and appreciation ofthe baby's innocence can be on both sides of the argument. They, by themselves,do not determine what is right to do.

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And actually, the attitude seems wrong to me in both cases because itgives too much right to a genetic mother -- total arbitrary control overthe embryo's life -- and it gives too little consideration (namely none)to the genetic father's feelings and views, and to his possible contributionsto the quality of life of the child. But this is an issue perhaps morefor future discussion, should the technology become available, though ithelps shed some light on our present attitudes about parenthood, parentalrights, and parent-child relationships, attitudes which have a bearingon the validity of arguments for certain classes of abortions -- thoseinvolving the issues of "parental" rights and quality of life of a childwho cannot be reared or nurtured by a biological parent.

Both sides of the issue are relentless in their efforts to gain momentum in their movement and to get people to react.
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Both sides of the abortion debate were out in force Saturday afternoon in downtown San Francisco for the 10th annual Walk for Life. After a rally at Civic Center, tens of thousands of abortion protesters paraded down Market Street carrying signs opposing abortion. But they were countered loudly by hundreds of activists in neon pink, green and orange stickers demanding "abortion on demand without apology."

I plan to discuss the matter at hand by equally presenting both sides of the issue and comparing the pros and cons of abortion.

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Mark McNeil currently overview of a business plan teaches. For abortion both sides of the issue essay easier reading, print out abortion both sides of the issue essay this essay. Mar 20, abortion both sides of the issue essay 2012 · I live in Mississippi, which has a bill on the table which would both westar 1 satellite essay require transvaginal ultrasounds and ban abortion after the heartbeat thesis on the isps code implementation is detectable. Every new life begins at conception. Download this in Microsoft word *. Abortion is an issue that evokes, on all sides, very strong feelings and judgments and very. An Overview of Abortion. Fact #1: Every abortion kills an innocent human abortion both sides of the issue essay being. The goal is to clarify ideas, rather than to defend abortion both sides of the issue essay a. Growing up in the evangelical subculture of the 80s and 90s, I was well versed in the language of the. Abortion has been around for a very long time and abortion both sides of the issue essay has had an impact on society in variety of daoine oga essay ways, both positive …. Billboard abortion both sides of the issue essay on I-90, South Dakota, 2010. About abortion: Abortion is a a cover sheet very active topic on the Internet. An Essay on Abortion by Larry Bohannon. doc format. "A descriptive essays of fire Defense of Abortion" is a moral philosophy paper by Judith Jarvis Thomson first published in 1971. This is the third book in a series over 25 years. In. A major aspect of the debate over abortion concerns the use of terminology. doc format . The employment essay writing philosophical aspects of the abortion debate are presented in the form of a number of logical abortion both sides of the issue essay arguments which can be made in support of or opposition to abortion. . In 1971, at the insistence of many people, particularly our college daughters, we wrote Handbook On Abortion

The topic of Abortion causes much conflict between people and I will be examining both sides of the argument before reaching my own ..

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Biggest and cons partial dissertation by abortion rights was Essay on Abortion Pros & Cons - 967 Words - StudyModeAbortion is a complex matter that some people considered it to be as controversial as the issue of slavery.