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The lavishness of the tax-funded, aviation-fuelled,international junkets enjoyed by the global warming priesthood, contrasted withthe frugal gatherings of their relatively impotent scientific opponents, is thevery stuff of mediaeval satire. Just as Rabelais had to go into hiding from theanger of the priesthood of his time, so critics of the new religion are largelyconfined to the interstices of the internet. As ever, wealth and power determinethe ability to propagate one’s views. It might be some small compensation formembers of the resistance, cowering in the electronic , thathistory remembers the name of Rabelais, while his persecutors are forgotten.

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Here’s a statement from the American Meteorological Society:

This particular ice nucleation program comes at the expense of the normal weather patterns of the USA; that is, if there is such thing as normal anymore. The Southeast has just experienced two unprecedented monsoon seasons in 2012 and 2013. A new weather pattern has developed whereby massive amounts of moisture are being sent north from the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) via artificially created low pressure systems. The most recent Tropical Storm Karen is a perfect example of where a GOM weather event is literally hijacked and the moisture is conveyed northward to form ice in the Arctic regions.

Chemtrails being sprayed above the cloud cover

The recent, back-to-back Colorado wildfire and rain disasters, which traumatized the main population centers of that state, ought to serve as further testimony to this dangerous misapplication of science. While the outbreak of wildfires were labelled the worst in state history, the flooding as been dubbed a 1000 year event. Colorado being at the geographical nexus of much of the extremely risky testing that is conducted in this regard has received the brunt of the boomerang effect.

Who is promoting the Global Cooling disinfo?Could it be the geo-engineers and their paymasters?

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Simplistic though this may sound, this exercise doesn’t even account for all the myriad changes to the atmosphere which are triggered by so much industrial pollution, caused by industry and burning of dirty fuels for electricity and heat. All of these factors are on an upswing trajectory which can only mean that manmade contributions to GCC will be felt for the foreseeable future as they intensify.

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If you don’t believe this, go take a walk in the middle of New York City on a hot summer day. Then go take a walk in the Catskill Mountains on the following day. You tell us which is cooler, the walk through the forest or the laborious stroll down 42nd Street?

What follows is another statement made by the Union of Concerned Scientists:

I followed the money and found one possibility:

Once upon a time everyone talked about the Ozone Layer; now you rarely hear about it. That doesn’t mean it’s status does not weigh heavily on global warming. Quite the opposite, its continued destruction by geo-engineering has only accelerated the depletion of this vital buffer against damaging radiation from the sun. You can imagine how much cooler the high concentrations of O3 keeps the surface of the planet by absorbing so much ultraviolet radiation.

It’s the atmospheric changes and geoengineering assaults which really matter

There are nice projects, one of them is this…

From all the data and information amassed thus far concerning the chemtrail component of geo-engineering, it can be said that its inevitable effect will be to greatly exacerbate global climate change. The deliberate manipulation of weather patterns to hide the obvious effects and multiple manifestations of global warming may prove to be the stick that breaks the camel’s back. The biosphere is the camels’s back.

The Arctic has had seasonal melts at an unprecedented rate as evidenced by newly formed lakes.

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There are also black budgeted, such as which are known to pump billions of watts of energy into the ionosphere. Much of this advanced scientific and military testing is completely outside of the realm of oversight and therefore monitoring its effects on global climate change are impossible. Nevertheless, common sense would tell us that many of those intrusive and unnatural infusions of energy into the various layers of Earth’s atmosphere will only imbalance the whole system. Isn’t this exactly what we have seen with both geo-engineering, especially chemtrails?