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Knight, Lucian Lamar, Georgia's Roster of the Revolution, containing a List of the States Defenders; Officers and Men; Soldiers and Sailors; Partisans and Regulars; whether Enlisted from Georgia or settled in Georgia after the close of hostilities, Georgia.

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Online Library of the American Revolution

Note: Memoir of Brigadier-General John Dagworthy of the Revolutionary War , Whiteley: "The Revolutionary Soldiers of Delaware", and Seymour: "Journal of the Southern Expedition, 1780-1783 are found in same volume.

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From d/l description:During the period of the American revolution and previous controversy, the "Annual register," London, published an admirable and quite impartial narrative of events, understood to have been written by Edmund Burke.

Purviance, Robert,Narrative of Events Which Occured in Baltimore Town During theRevolutionary War.

The journalists were assassinated on American soil, one after another

Title: The narrative of Colonel David Fanning : a Tory in the revolutionary war with Great Britain, giving an account of his adventures in North Carolina, from 1775 to 1783 / as written by himself, with an introduction and explanatory notes.

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Fanning, David, The Narrative of Colonel David Fanning (a Tory in the Revolutionary War with Great Britain) : giving an account of his adventures in North Carolina, from 1775 to 1783, 1865, New York : Reprinted for J.

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LC Call No.: E207.M8G7 Graham, Joseph, General Joseph Graham's Narrative of the Revolutionary Warin North Carolina in 1780 and 1781 from Murphey, Archibald D., The Papers of, Hoyt, William Henry, ed., E.M.

Title: Narrative of events which occured in Baltimore town during the Revolutionary War.

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Part II "Female Camp Followers in the American Revolution: A Reading List" "Writings: Published and Unpublished" "The Foundation of an Army is the Belly,"1:North American Soldiers' Food, 1756-1945: Part I" "As many fireplaces as you have tents..."Earthen Camp Kitchens", Matt and I Dig a Kitchen..."To Accompany the article on Kitchens "The proportion of Women which ought to be allowed..."An Overview of Continental Army Female Camp Followers "We...

Click on i to d/l. Whiteley, William G., The Revolutionary Soldiers of Delaware.

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Wilson, Samuel M., compiler, Year book of the Society, Sons of the Revolution, in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, 1894-1913 and catalogue of military land warrants granted by the Commonwealth of Virginia to soldiers and sailors of the Revolution.

Martin, Joseph PlumbA Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier: Some of the Adventures, Dangers, and Sufferings of Joseph Plumb Martin, audio book.

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W.,Narrative of his exploits and adventures as a Loyalist of North Carolina in the American Revolution, supplying important omissions in the copy published in the United States.