In El Paso Solar Energy would be best suited for the city.

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Solar energy is a form of energy that is emitted by the sun.

For UAE, solar energy is the main renewable energy that can be used.

Solar energy is the source of energy for photosynthesis.

Even though it is the most difficult source of energy to channel, solar energy can provide great amounts of resources for the environment as well as market venture, if proven effective.

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Apart from all this solar energy is a renewable form of energy unlike fossil fuels, provides several job opportunities and boost the economy and lastly it’s free and can increase the value of your property.

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The cost for both non-renewable and renewable resources are competitive, and some industries have applied solar or wind to help their needs in electricity and heating; however, to power large cities with just the use of solar energy and wind power may still be a process in the works for some time to come and we may be looking at the utilization of fossil fuels for our primar...

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These two drawbacks in addition to the growing concern of global warming has pushed for the development of more sustainable sources of energy, namely solar energy and its derivatives (i.e.

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Solar energy is appealing for its potential to meet all our demands, while proving to be a pollution free resource.(Bohn, 2009) Solar energy originates from the thermonuclear fusion reactions occurring in the sun....

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World should make efforts to use solar energy in more efficient way. It will decrease the environmental harm which is caused by other energy creation process like coal etc. Solar energy is the need of the hour.

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Most of the disadvantages of solar energy listed here will get eliminated with the time. I’m sure new inventions will be made as the technology progresses, solar panels will need less space and produce much more energy. For eg. just to 10 MB of data, we used to have large hard disk drives, but now TBs of data can be stored on a microchip. That’s what happens when you invest largely into a technology. Governments all over the world need to invest heavily in the solar energy and we’ll see lots of new inventions and progress in technology which will make solar energy feasible. Just imagine the possibilities, our world will be much better, pollution levels will go low, ultimately providing us better life.

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The United Arab Emirates used to rely extremely on fossil fuels for its energy, but for the current time, many projects are running out to use solar power as a way to produce electricity and many projects are planned to be implemented in the future....