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Symptoms: BWS is a psychological reaction that can be expected to occur in normal people who are exposed to repeated trauma, such as family violence. It includes at least three groups of symptoms that assist the mind and body in preparing to defend against threats. Psychologists call it the "fight or flight" response.

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Well said Bruce, there is no use panicking when something looks suspicious there is a very small chance it will be anything to worry about.

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With American influence at low ebb, the world is in danger of sliding into a vicious circle of escalating violence. We can escape it only if we Americans repudiate the war on terror as a false metaphor. If we persevere on the wrong course, the situation will continue to deteriorate. It is not our will that is being tested, but our understanding of reality. It is painful to admit that our current predicaments are brought about by our own misconceptions. However, not admitting it is bound to prove even more painful in the long run. The strength of an open society lies in its ability to recognize and correct its mistakes. This is the test that confronts us.

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Terror is not about the level of security one passes through in an average day, or while flying for that matter. Terror is not about "giving up essential liberties", or metal detectors at the entrance of public buildings, or purses being checked. All of these are responses to the types of terrorist attacks we have been subjected to, but even that skirts the real issue.

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It doesn't really matter what they want. It's what we allow them to achieve that is our problem. Unfortunately, the title of this otherwise excellent article is feeding a lot of non-sequiturs. I wish the title had been something like "Our Irrationality Is The Terrorists' Most Effective Tool", or something snappier along those lines.

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How do terrorists win? Not by "compromising our idealized freedoms", but rather by preventing the civilian population from living life -- going to work, to school, to the zoo and the museum, to the restaurant and the cafe. It's not our high-minded Utopia of a security-guard free world that the terrorists are threatening -- it's our everyday business.

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I don't experience terror. Don't feel it. Never have. I do, however, experience a great deal of ANNOYANCE. Pure and simple annoyance with every single aspect of flying settled in long before suicide bombers ever became fashionable. Flying coach is enough to turn one misanthropic on a good day.

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Islam is a religion of hate which propagates a doctrine of hating and destroying non-Muslims. It has made war on non-Muslims most of its history until it was too feeble to do so in the 1600s. It's will to make war in service of religious imperialism has been revived by petrodollars, courtesy of the very infidels it hates and seeks to enslave or destroy.

If you did, it can help you find the courses that are the best fit for you.

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Terrorism is violence (or the threat of violence) to ordinary civilians going about their ordinary life. Without warning. Without specific meaning or intent. It is intended to send a message to the entire population: "You could be next. You have no control." Depending on the nation, terrorism could cause the citizens to insist that their government give in to any demands that the terrorists have, just to make sure that you're not the next victim.