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Easter Rising 1916: Sean Sexton Collection, opens at the Photographers’ Gallery on Thursday, and features 80 photographs, out of an archive of more than 20,000, from the collection of London-based collector Sean Sexton.

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In March, the seven IRB Commandants met (this was not an Irish Volunteer meeting) to discuss a possible rising in September. A military council was also set-up by the IRB in May of that year. One of the reasons why this rising did not go ahead was possibly due to Seán MacDiarmada's (Seán MacDermot) imprisonment for three months due to speaking against British Army recruitment. Not enough arms had been landed, a crucial factor for success.

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The seven main leaders spent Easter Sunday deliberating on a decision for a rising on Monday. Although it was obviously hopeless they came to a decision and Pádraic Pearse issued an order at 8pm. The rising would go ahead.

• The Easter Rising 1916: Sean Sexton Collection is on show at The Photographers’ Gallery from 22 January to 3 April.

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DUBLIN — Ireland is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising, the 1916 rebellion against British rule. The armed insurrection began on Easter with the aim of occupying government buildings in Dublin. It started the battle to end British rule in Ireland and to establish an independent Irish Republic. The British army moved in with troops and artillery to put down the rebellion. Most of the leaders of the rising, including Patrick Pearse, were subsequently executed. But the six-day rebellion is seen by historians as paving the way for an Irish Free State.

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As 1916 neared final plans for a rebellion were made by the IRB. Easter 1916 was set as the date with Connolly in total cooperation with the planners. They all agreed that a rebellion would have to occur before the end of the war for maximum military effect. All this time Eoin MacNeill (the head of the Irish Volunteers, not an IRB member, and unaware of the IRB's plans for a rising) had been purposely kept in the dark.

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These changes included industrialization, population increase, along with cities rising up and big business like the railroad company coming about as well.